Create a Capped Soulbound NFT (SBT) Collection

This tutorial covers how to create an SBT collection using the idexo SDK.

A Soulbound NFT is one where the holder cannot transfer the NFT. Idexo first issued a Soulbound NFT with its own Idexo Early Adopter NFTs back in April 2021 on Binance Smart Chain.

This standard Capped SBT Collection removes the transfer function for holders and reserves it for the owner of the contract (for recovery purposes).

To use this method, you need an idexo API key:

You will need to specify the network you want to use, choosing from the following network names:

  • avalanche

  • bnbchain

  • dogechain

  • ethereum

  • fantom

  • polygon

Assuming you have installed the SDK, you can use the following code in your file (instructions on modifying it follows):

const ido = require('idexo-sdk')

ido.NFTs.createSBTCapped(apiKey, network, name, symbol)
.then(res => console.log(

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