Introduction to idexo

idexo is on a mission to empower, enable and execute on the creation of mainstream applications that realize the promise of blockchain and web3 technologies.

To empower and enable we provide a suite of low-code and no-code tools to help anyone create these mainstream applications:

  1. The low-code SDK: Since the beginning of 2021, idexo has published its javascript SDK that simplifies how developers can interact with different blockchains to achieve specific objectives. For instance, we were the first to offer minting of NFTs in "1 line of code". Since then, we continue to expand on its features and anyone can use it to easily integrate any type of software or application with the blockchain.

  2. No-code SaaS: Since mid-2021, idexo has also offered a no-code SaaS product that provides a suite of modules for accomplishing different tasks such as NFT Collection Creation and Management, Web3 Player Management for games, and Web3 Marketing and CRM for companies.

  3. Zapier Integration: In addition to using the SDK, users can connect to idexo's API directly and idexo also provides an integration with Zapier that makes it easy to set-up specific workflows, such as creating an NFT using OpenAI from any web form.

To advance and accelerate mainstream adoption, idexo also leverages its own platform to create new apps, as supported by its community:

  1. Holders of the idexo $IDO token can stake it "directionally" on new apps to decide what should get built and receive rewards from those new apps.

  2. idexo build these apps and then spins them out as their own projects.

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