A mobile app that enables users to easily create and list NFT collections. If you can take a selfie, you can create NFTs and new monetization streams.

NFTMe is a mobile app available on iOS and Android and scheduled for first full release in July 2023. It is currently available in alpha test phase and can be downloaded for either platform on the NFTMe website.

Stakers in the $IDO directional staking pool on zkSync can stake now under the below terms. It is expected and planned that there will be an $NFTME token as part of the spinoff and $IDO stakers would then split an allocation of 6% of the total supply, with vesting terms being a 3-month cliff post-TGE and 24-months vesting. Since the staking term for this pool is a lock of 15-months from the date of staking, it would be possible to withdraw the $IDO stake before the end of the $NFTME vesting period. Thus, the earlier a user stakes, the earlier they can withdraw, regardless of whenever a date of a TGE took place.

The expected core revenue model of the NFTMe app will consist of:

  • Listing Sales Commissions

  • Split of Royalty Fees

  • Advertising Fees for Ranking Higher

Term of Stake and Reward Mechanism

  • Term: 15-months lock from date of staking

  • Reward Mechanism:

    • In case of TGE: Stakers will split 6% of the total supply of $NFTMe tokens, based on their proportion of total $IDO staked in the pool before cut-off, with vesting terms being a 3-month cliff post-TGE and 24-months vesting.

    • In case of no TGE by Jan 2024: If the expected TGE does not take place for any reason, the reward mechanism will be $IDO that is bought back from the market (using 35% of revenues generated from the app) and distributed as rewards to stakers proportional to their stake. This would continue until a TGE took place and if not, then indefinitely. In this case, stakers would only receive rewards while remaining staked.

  • Cut-off for staking: The pool will close for new entrants once the app has achieved 1,000 Daily Active Users.

Link to staking: The NFTMe Directional Pool on zkSync

How to acquire $IDO to stake:

Given that the pool is on zkSync the most convenient way to acquire $IDO innovation tokens is from the IDO/ETH DEX pool on Mute on zkSync.

If you don't already have $ETH on zkSync you can bridge them using the zkSync bridge portal.

It is also possible to buy $IDO on Ethereum from the Ascendex CEX. You will then need to bridge the $IDO to zkSync using the zkSync bridge.

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