Mint a Token

This describes how to mint a specified amount of tokens to a specified wallet address on the network specified, for the token contract specified.

To use this method, you need an idexo API key that has been upgraded to a customer API key. To upgrade, please contact us.

You will also need the address of a deployed ERC20 token contract to use. You can create one here.

Assuming you have installed the SDK, you can use the following code in your file (instructions on modifying it follows - for more information on how to use it see our Getting Started tutorial):

const ido = require('idexo-sdk'), contractAddress, mintToAddress, amount)
.then((res) => console.log(

To use the above code, you need to set values for:

  • contractAddress: the address of the BEP20 token contract

  • mintToAddress: the address of the wallet you want to the tokens to

  • amount: the amount of tokens to mint

  • apiKey: your idexo API key

The method in summary is:

ido.Ethereum.mintERC20(contractAddress, addressToMintTo, image, apiKey)

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