Directional staking utility concepts of the $IDO innovation token and the idexo ecosystem.

From its outset, the idexo ecoystem has pioneered the concept of using staking and rewards mechanisms to guide decision-making in innovation processes.

The Value of Staker Insight

It is easy to understand the concept of people who "have a stake in something" making decisions to better the long-term outcome of the thing they have a stake in. It's also a good measure of the seriousness of suggestions and ideas being put forward, since stakers have to "put their tokens where their mouth is". With this in mind, a core concept of directional staking is that stakers will provide a greater degree of insight in the plan -> execute -> learn -> adapt -> plan process of innovation.

The Benefits to Ecosystem

Users of the idexo product suite can use general and directional staking to provide feedback and requirements requests that go far beyond typical roadmap feedback and have more ageny in those decisions. Innovators with their own ideas can propose new app ideas that leverage the product foundations and see those ideas rapidly realized.

The community as a whole can learn more quickly what it takes to ideate and bring to market the type of mainstream apps and their features/benefits required to realize the vision and value of web3.

Additional Utility of Staker NFTs

Every time a stake transaction is made (i.e. tokens are deposited), a stake NFT is generated and send to the staker. These NFTs have recorded on them the size of the stake and other key information that can be queried from the blockchain.

Any stake NFT in any idexo pool has the ability to vote on key initiatives, including in the special Spendable Voting contracts that determine how community tokens should be allocated on Idexo Improvement Proposals and other initiatives.

As NFTs they can also be used to unlock special access in community portals etc. like any other type of NFT.

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