Getting Started

This page walks you through the basics of installing and using the low-code Idexo Software Development Kit (SDK) and no-code SaaS app.

Register an Account in the App

To set-up your smart contracts and transactions in a simple visual interface, you can register an account at

In the app you can accomplish everything from the SDK and more in a simple, intuitive and visual way.

You can also combine using the visual app and the SDK if that suits your use case.

To use the app you need to choose from one of the available plans. Further details about the plans are in the app and on the pricing page.

Install the SDK

Install the SDK using NPM:

$ npm install idexo-sdk

This installs the SDK and gives you access to simplified methods that communicate with the Idexo API for processing your multi-blockchain developer transactions.

Now that you've installed the SDK, let's make sure you have transaction and method credits to perform your desired methods on the chain you want. You do that inside the SaaS app:

To buy transaction credits, you can choose to purchase using either FIAT or crypto. Once you have the credits, you can choose the methods you want, never having to worry about the underlying gas or settings.

For this example, let's assume we have chose to purchase some credits for creating a Royalty NFT collection that is capped to 100 NFTs to be deployed on the Polygon blockchain. First let's see how we would create the collection using either the SDK or the app UI.

Using the SDK

const ido = require('idexo-sdk')
ido.NFTs.createCappedRoyalty(apiKey, 'polygon', NFTCollectionName, NFTCollectionSymbol, 
RoyaltyCollectorWalletAddress, RoyaltyBasisPoints, 100) //100 is Cap value
.then((res) => console.log(

Using the App

Now that you have created the collection, you can begin using the many different methods for pre-minting or minting those 100 NFTs in the collection.

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