Deploy a New BEP20 Token to Binance Smart Chain
This describes how to deploy a new BEP20 token to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in 1 line of code.
To use this method, you need an idexo API key that has been upgraded to a customer API key. To upgrade, please contact us.
Assuming you have installed the SDK, you can use the following code in your file (instructions on modifying it follows - for more information on how to use it see our Getting Started tutorial):
const ido = require('idexo-sdk')
ido.Binance.deployBEP20('My BEP Token', 'MBT', apiKey).then(res => console.log(
To use the above code, you need to set values for:
  • 'My BEP Token': replace this with the name you want to give your BEP20 token
  • 'MBT": replace this with the symbol you want to use for your BEP20 token
  • apiKey: your idexo API key
The method in summary is:
ido.Binance.mintBEP20(tokenName, tokenSymbol, apiKey)
Last modified 9mo ago
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